Inner Space Cavern

Inner Space Cavern, Georgetown's biggest natural marvel, provides three fascinating guided excursions. The Adventure Excursion is their signature tour, which takes place on a well-lit asphalt route. You'll witness incredible formations and learn about how the cave was found. Guests on the Hidden Passages Tour are given a lantern to examine formations on a rough perspective of the cave. And, for the adventurous, they have their Wild Cave Tour, which promises to be a tough journey! With the greatest and most experienced guides, you'll crawl, climb, and squeeze your way into isolated areas of the cave.

Blue Hole Scenic Lagoon

During the summertime, the Blue Hole is a popular attraction inside Blue Hole Park. Family and friends can meet here for some fun in the sun and to see the waterfall. This region, which is bordered by the San Gabriel River, is a popular spot for residents and visitors to picnic, fish, trek, stroll, and search for animals. The lagoon has a lovely wading area that is ideal for the whole family to enjoy the water.

Town Square

Every little town has something to be famous for, and Georgetown is no exception. its town square is the most beautiful in Texas, I urge that anybody coming start their weekend by strolling around it and visiting the distinctive stores and restaurants that have earned Georgetown its name. With primarily locally owned businesses, you're bound to find something one-of-a-kind.