Ok folks...we started the summer with unprecedented rain...in the month of May. Now that Lake Travis is mostly full, we are seeing a return to fun on the lake...Businesses supported by all the people returning to boating is long overdue and properties that sat off the market for many years are now all competing for buyers ready to consider purchasing a lake property once again.

Thankfully our Texas Water Coalition is successfully educating the public about not releasing water to rice farmers and in so doing, we are maintaining our source of water for Austin and the surrounding towns and cities - For those of you new to Austin or considering a move to the Austin area, Lake Travis is our source of water for the residents of our booming city.  

Yes, we do have aquifers also and some property owners do have wells that tap into the Edwards and or the Trinity aquifers...for more information, google Aquifers in Texas.  

Even our aquifers are not endless supplies of water though and slowly we are learning to be better conservationists, moving towards more xeriscaping when planning new landscaping and planting drought resistant plants.

Water and the lack thereof...At least in Austin, we seem to be at one extreme or the other!